Welcome to Kami

ようこそ 加美町


Check out information about Kami Town's charms and daily life, now in English!



 We are 10 first year students from Nakaniida High School and our goal is to show our town's charm to as many people as possible.

That's why we started the English Newsletter"Welcome to Nakaniida!"

This Newsletter is full of information about tourism  and daily life in Kami.

 中新田高等学校の1年生10名が、加美町の魅力を多くの方々に発信しようと、外国人の方々向けの『英語版 情報誌』発行しました!!




 (Nakaniida High School Web site)

Welcome to Kami! VOL.1 

For the first volume,we will be introducing our High School,the location and population of the town and more!

We will also introduce our recommended sightseeing spots.

Don't miss it!


Vol.1-English Vol.1-Japanese